Wednesday, 10 May 2017

#42 Snot Girl

Snot Girl by Bryan Lee O'Malley

The newest graphic novel from the epic artist that brought up Scott Pilgrim and Seconds. If you like his art style you will love this as it follows the same aesthetic. I was a but worried as 'Snot Girl' looked a bit strange as a concept and something i probably would have dismissed from seeing it on the shelf. Alas i received this as a birthday gift so obviously gave it a go.

Snot Girl follows Lottie Price a fashion blogger who suffers from allergies hence the name Snot Girl. The plot follows her online life and how this differs to who she is in real life away from her online presence. Lottie is highly insecure which doesnt align with her confident image that she portrays on her blog. Her insecurities are made worse by her constant allergies which cause excessive snot.

The highlights of this graphic novel for me is that its very funny, well written and a unique art style. I enjoyed the story line as it was different from any other Image graphic novel i have read. Lottie is a strange protagonist but theres something very vulnerable and likeable about her. Shes quite quirky with her style and bright green hair. I enjoyed the cliff hanger ending which made me want to pick up the next volume asap. It has a similar feel to Scott Pilgrim which was the first graphic novel i ever read and will always have a place in my heart, the similar feel made me love it immediately.

The main downfalls are the lack of character development, the only real character in this is Lottie. She has a few 'friends' but they are bland and whilst reading you dont even pay much attention to them, i would probably struggle to even name any of them and i only finished this 1 hour ago, they are completely forgettable.

All in all this was really good and i would recommend to anyone who enjoys image comics.

Thursday, 27 October 2016

#41 Six Of Crows

Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo

This is the first part of a duology which takes place in Bardugo's Grisha universe. It is told in 6 points of view chapter by chapter. It is following their journey as they embark on an impossible quest. It is a fantasy book with criminal aspects, each character is very bad with few redeeming qualities. Basically they are all thugs and thieves. There will be a few minor spoilers in this review so read on with caution.

First off let me start by saying i really struggle with fantasy books! I just cant seem to get on with them with a few exceptions of books i read when i was younger its pretty safe to say that fantasy is my least read genre in more recent years.Having said that ive heard so many good things about this book and thought id check it out.

The main characters this book follows are Kaz, Nina, Inej, Matthias, Jesper and Wylan. All the characters are introduced with a past and are all very complex with many many issues. Kaz is the leader and possibly the most flawed character, he was very smart and orchestrated the heist very well. Nina is very sassy and is a very loyal Grisha, she was an amazing character and possibly my favourite. Matthias is also very complex, he had the most development, he changed his view point from the beginning to the end. Jesper who i love is from a race that was never mentioned before, he is a gambler and a loose cannon, hes multi talented and has so much more to come in the next book. He is also a gay character and you dont see that an awful lot in fantasy books. Wylan is always in the back ground, you dont get much of his back story or his point of view. I cant wait to see what happens in the next book in terms of growth for his character.

Ketterdam as a city is actually pretty well described and i imagined it really well in my head. I love when an author can set the scene perfectly and credit where credits due it is one of Bardugo's strengths. 

The ending is very very VERY open ended, the next book is highly anticipated. They left a few stories on a cliff hanger especially Inej. I wasnt overly fussed on the story until the last 60 pages, they really made me want to find out what will happen next. 

I did like this but i thought The Grisha Trilogy was better (sorry). If anthing this just made me want to re-read Shadow and Bone. 3 out of 5 stars. 

Monday, 26 September 2016

#40 In Cold Blood

In Cold Blood by Truman Capote

This is a non fiction book published in 1966 that follows the murders of The Clutter family in a small town in Kansas. This tells the story of true events but is written in the style of a novel. The murders were researched heavily by Capote but the use of dialogue to tell the story is mostly fictional. Although this is written as a novel it is packed with information that you would expect from a non fiction book. I struggled somewhat with it as i believe that non fiction should be written as true accounts and at times when reading this i had to remind myself that it was based on true events. This gives point of views from the victims, the suspects, the investigators and the people living in the town, which in turn gives a very holistic view of the story.

Capote takes his time with telling this story and its written very precisely, parts of it read as unnecessary filler to me. The lead detective is written rather unrealistically and his part in the investigation and the trial is often romantisised and exaggerated, it made for some cringe worthy reading.

Mr Clutter and his family are written as an all American, normal and happy family. Its easy for the reader to like them and sympathize with them in the fictional style they are written as you gain a sense of who they are as people. This makes the trial so much more hard hitting as you will as if you know the Clutter family and not like you are just going through the motions like you would with a non fiction book or a documentary.

I love true crime novels and documentaries but what made me most uncomfortable with this was the humanizing of the murderers. Just because they are written as sensitive people that couldnt make sense of what they had done doesnt mean they are less worthy of serving time for committing a horrible crime. Its easy to see that Capote spent a lot of time with these people and had a lot of bias towards them but for me he should of just wrote it like it was, a heinous crime.

There are many book to movie adaptations of this book that i think would be worth checking out and also a movie starring Philip Seymour Hoffman entitled 'Capote' which follows the writing of this book. This may offer a different interpretation of this story and may change my mind on a few things, either way i think ill check both out as this was most enjoyable and really quite gripping especially the final 100 pages.

Recommended for anyone who loved the podcast Serial or the Netflix documentary Making a Murderer.

Monday, 4 July 2016

#39 Dark Places

Dark Places by Gillian Flynn

This book follows the story of the Day family. The mum Patty, her daughters Michelle, Debby and Libby and her eldest child and only son Ben. They live on a farm in the small town of Kansas City, Missouri. When half of the family (Patty, Michelle and Debby) are murdered Ben is immediately arrested and charged with their murders. 25 years later Libby the only surviving daughter embarks on trying to find the truth if her big brother did indeed kill her family.

The story is told in character chapters, mainly Libby, Ben and Patty and flits between past and present day. What i really enjoy is that you are given a clear image of each character and they all have individual personalities and quirks. Ben is a typical emo angsty teen that has 3 annoying little sisters, a dead beat dad and an overbearing yet clueless mother. Michelle and Debby are whiney and annoying,  stereo typical little girls really. Libby, our protagonist has lived as a surviving victim of this tragedy her entire life, she was shipped between relatives until she finally ended up in care. She has never worked a day in her life as after the murders the local people of Kansas City and further afield set up a fund for her and she lives off that right up until the beginning of the story.

When the fund runs out and Libby has very little money to pay rent and survive on she goes to speak at 'The Kill Club' a group of like minded people that are obsessed with serial killers and the cases. She is offered some money to look into the case and speak to the other people involved such as Runner Day, Diondra who was Bens girlfriend and Diane who was Pattys sister and Libbys aunt. She is paid to speak to them and to try and prove that Ben is innocent. With help from The Kill Clubs founder Lyle, Libby embarks on a journey to find out what really happened on the night of the murders.

In true Gillian Flynn style the story is full of suspense and you really have no clue what happens until the last few chapters, its almost fed to you in drips and drabs but not fully summarized until the last chapter. 

I really enjoyed this book, not more than Gone Girl but on a par with Sharp Objects. This writing style is flawless and you are sucked in from the first page. I worked out the ending of Gone Girl but this book had me stumped as to who really did it. I had a clear idea of who i thought did it but i was miles off! 

4 out of 5 stars from me. 

Tuesday, 21 June 2016

#38 Signal to Noise

Signal to Noise By Silvia Morena-Garcia

Signal to Noise was recommended to me by a Goodreads friend as being similar to 'The magicians', alas it was not but still good. The story follows three teenagers growing up in the 80's in Mexico City. Meche (short for Mercedes) is the leader of the group, a feisty young woman with a passion for music. Daniela who comes across as the quiet side kick with little to no say in the group dynamic but tags along as shes thankful to have friends and lastly Sebastian, a strong willed and temperamental young teenager.

The story begins with Meche realizing that when she plays a song on her vinyl player and wishing for something it comes true as if by magic. She quickly enlists both Daniela and Sebastian and between the 3 of them they form a coven of sorts. They experiment with different music and different spells, usually the spells are to try and evoke what every teenager desires, to have their crush fall in love with them, an infinity pot of money and to be free from acne.

The story has a lot of ups and downs as certain members of the 'coven' develop their magic skills faster than others leading to jealousy and them trying to hex each other with powerful black magic. 

The main things i enjoyed about this was the setting, ive never read anything set in Mexico before and it was an interesting twist to the story and a different interpretation of not only typical family life but also the schooling system. I also really enjoyed the magical elements of the story, i found the concept to be so unique and i really liked how the record was hot to touch when it was 'full of magic'. The side characters such as Isadora and Constantino were down very well they werent over done or annoying and there was a perfect amount of them in the story without them taking over the main plot. I very much enjoyed Sebastian as a character, he is interesting and unique and i would have preferred if it was told in his point of view.

I didnt care much for Meche as a protagonist, she is temperamental and whiney at best. She complains throughout about her parents splitting up and how much it affects her... so what? a lot of peoples persons split up (mine included) you just have to get on with things, I found her temper to be very accurate of a teenage girl battling with puberty but her mood swings and the way she treats her friends and family was a little bit too much for my reading tastes. 

The overall story was very good and i loved how it was told on flashbacks with a few chapters being present day. This book isnt well heard of and doesnt have many ratings on Goodreads, it deserves a lot more acclaim really. I highly recommend. 

Saturday, 14 May 2016

#37 Seconds

Seconds By Bryan Lee O'Malley

I have wanted to pick this up since it came out, i was a massive fan of the Scott Pilgrim series so i was interested to see what Bryan Lee O'Malley came up with next and this certainly did not disappoint. From the first page of the first volume of Scott Pilgrim, the books are a gleefully energetic mash-up of manga, early twenty-something references,

Seconds follows the story of Katie who strikes up an unlikely connection to a house spirit who gives her mushrooms in order to change mistakes and right the wrongs she has made in a similar fashion to that of the butterfly effect. Katie only has a limited supply of mushrooms and is told by the house spirit Les not to neglect the, each change she makes has an astounding effect and although some changes are good there will be one significant change that is not good leaving Katie in a downward spiral of trying to gain the perfect life.

the crushing regret and occasional triumph of growing up, and video games. They are smart and simple in all the right ways, and taken together the six volumes are just about as perfect an argument as you'll find for how to tell stories about life in comic book form.

Ultimately Katie dreams of having her own restaurant, being friends with Hazel and having a good relationship with her boyfriend Max.  

The other characters Les, Max, Andrew and Hazel all play minor roles in the overall story but each mushroom she eats changes her relationship with one of the characters. All the characters are very diverse in both skin colour and body shapes and as a reader and lover of graphic novels this is very unusual and refreshing. 

The artwork is very similar to Scott Pilgrim which i love, its similar to manga as the characters all have big eyes. The only difference is the subject matter is of a more mature nature and it gets quite creepy in sections. The plot progession worked very well and although this is a large graphic novel of just over 300 pages it was never boring and it didnt feel too long either. 

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

#36 Hidden Bodies

Hidden Bodies by Caroline Kepnes

The much anticipated sequel to You. I read You last year and it was a breath of fresh air, a psychological thriller about a stalker told from the stalkers point of view. It was hard hitting and action packed, i flew threw it and couldnt wait to pick up this sequel.

Hidden Bodies once again follows Joe Goldberg, who by all definitions is a bit of a psycho. After brutally murdering his ex girlfriend Beck he has moved onto greener pastures and picks up his life in New York to move to LA where he finds new love with Amy Adam who appears to be care free and also off the grid which is very important to Joe as he cannot stalk her constantly online, the way he did with Beck. She is the polar opposite of Beck and their relationship is going well until she disappears....

With You and carried on within Hidden Bodies the main common theme is how much of an ass the protagonist is but he is intentionally written this way. He has no redeeming qualities what so ever, so much so that it makes you feel sorry for him almost.

The new characters were very mismatched, firstly you have Amy, whos quite likeable but quirky for the sake of quirky, she actually gets super annoying after a while. Then theres Love (stupid character name) and her twin brother Forty (another stupid name) they are much of a muchness, quite bland, superficial characters. Love being slightly better than Forty. There was several other characters essential to sub plots but none overly relevant to mention. The introduction of so many new characters made the overall story very disjointed. I didnt find any of them interesting, at all.

There was too much change in this book, it was too full on. He read as a different character, in LA he is written as a sex magnet whereas he was written as creepy when in New York. He was still witty and charismatic but i wasnt sure if the new side of him was written as character development. It was very different from the first book but much more light hearted but unfortunately i didnt enjoy it as much.

This was a slow read for me, it took me over a week to plough through it. it wasnt as captivating as the first book and it felt about 100 pages too long, a lot of chapters read as fillers and were unnecessary to the overall plot. The ending was wonderfully done, the last 50 pages kept me guessing constantly and it really pulled its rating up for me and lessened the disappointment. I really hope this will be a trilogy as the ending didnt feel like a conclusion and i really want to see what happens.